Monday, 20 May 2013

KpopCharts Update: Without Safety Dolls

Infinite H Without You

Infinite H “Without You” – Vote for it Here!

Man: the Infinite Crew sure does make a lot of music. Does anyone know if any other subunits are gonna come out of Infinite? This is Infinite Hip Hop here (that’s supposedly what the H stands for). Are we gonna see an Infinite B (Bollywood)? Infinite J (Jazz Flute)? Infinite I (Irish Jigging)? I’d pay money for any one of those. I’d pay better money for all of them!

Side note: from video editors’ standpoint, we really like this video. The colour isolation isn’t something we ever do ourselves, because it’s not really needed since we aren’t artsy, but it’s something we see and think “damn, that looks nice!” Just thought we’d put that out there :D

DMTN “Safety Zone” – Vote for it Here!

You know, I just realized that we didn’t talk about the song itself at all. Dalmatian’s new name, DMTN, is just so…interesting, with so much to talk about, we couldn’t draw our attention away from it. Sure, some of you might be like “Who the eft cares?! It’s just a name!” But it’s NOT just a name. Group names are chosen for a reason. This wasn’t just a random spoonful of alphabet soup that they saw and said “hey! This is great! Let’s call ourselves this!” They picked it for a specific reason, and we want to know what that is. If it was picked because it’s cool, what is it about vowellessness that’s cool?

But we’ll stop talking about that here. The song’s very different from “That Man Opposed,” which is how we know Dalmatian, though I’m sure they released a bunch of other songs, so we can’t say that our one review is representative of their entirety. This song sounds a lot more mature and serious sounding. Also, the video is a goldmine, and we can definitely say a lot for it for Music Monday, just looking at the fight scene alone. Whoa. That fight scene is pretty…special.

Nine Muses “Dolls” – Vote for it Here!


Ok, so this is only the second 9Muses song that we ever heard and paid attention to, and we’re totally digging this group. They’re 2 for 2 in our eyes right now. They’re funky, have fun songs, and their rapper is probably one of the best female rappers in Kpop, though we don’t mind it when Wonder Girls rap, either. T-ara have ultra funky songs as well, but their rapping isn’t all too great in our opinions. Unless…do you count the breakdown in Roly Poly as rap? I LIKE A LIKE A THIS! I LIKE A LIKE A THAT! I LIKE THIS LIKE THAT YEAH! That was pure gold. GOLLLD! Also, how much of a mega shame was it that we didn’t get to freaking review that song for Music Monday? Why: because a different boy band was voted in, though NO SONG WAS EVER QUITE AS EPIC THAT YEAR. Yeah. Remembering our lack of reviewing that song makes us feel better about being able to review songs of our choice…so long as they’re in the top 3 :D

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