Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Han Ye Seul Gives Infinite’s Sunggyu a Morning Call

Han Ye Seul Gives Infinite's Sunggyu a Morning Call

Actress Han Ye Seul recently sent Infinite's Sunggyu a cute message.

On May 19, actress Han Ye Seul was interviewed for MBC's "Section TV Celebrity Talk" where the reporter informed her, "A while back, Sunggyu stated that he would like to star in MBC's 'We Got Married' with you." She responded while chuckling, "What a good boy."

When the reporter asked Han Ye Seul, "What sort of morning call would you give Sunggyu (if you were to star on the show)?" she replied, "Oh that's not hard at all. I would say something like, 'Sunggyu, you have to wake up so you can earn money. You have to get it while you're still young" and burst out laughing.  

Who ships this couple for the next season of "We Got Married"?

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