Thursday, 16 May 2013

Infinite L’s Photo Essay “L’s Bravo Viewtiful” Goes on Bestseller List

Wow congratulations to Infinite's L! L's photo essay "L's Bravo Viewtiful" became a bestseller the moment it was published on May 15. A representative of Woollim Entertainment stated, "Most publications done by idol singers has been about their flashy lifestyles, photoshoots, or stories about their success. L's photo essay is different because he took all of the pictures and wrote all of the essays. It is being said that he has created a new wave in the publication world."

The representative also added, "Another secret to the success of L's photo essay is the support from fans. An interesting fact regarding this is that, Infinite fans put up advertisements on 7 different buses for L's photo essay. Also, there is a website for the photo essay at ""


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