Thursday, 8 August 2013

Weekly Idol W/Infinite 8.7.13 [FULL]

The hosts believe it’s Infinite‘s destiny to take vitamins.

The boys are yet again back on Weekly Idol (I swear they love it here) in between promotions for their hit, Destiny. After making fun of the guys for a bit (even singing a bit of an old song by the same name), the hosts hand out packs of vitamins and then force LeaderGyu to take extra (I think our poor leader may be sick, since he coughs almost the whole show and has a bit of a hard time singing). They even make poor Sunggyu sit out the dancing part and showed him no love afterwards.

LeaderGyu, forever alone.

LeaderGyu, forever alone.

Dongwoo has been on this show so many times and been picked on that he naturally takes the lead as a kinda 3rd host, which means we get more of his face to stare at (and that lovely hair of his).

Dongwoo Face #358

Dongwoo Face #358

Actually, the hair of all the guys’ look very good during this promotion, especially on this show.

Afterwards, all the usual fun and mayhem of Weekly Idol ensues, including the hosts pretending they are MCs on a music countdown show and putting each member of the group on the spot. And of course, there’s the “sexy dance” part.

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