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Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie “Hwai”

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Hwai""Hwai" (2013)Directed by Jang Joon-hwanWith Kim Yoon-seok, Yeo Jin-goo, Jo Jin-woong, Jang Hyeon-seong, Kim Seong-gyoon, Park Hae-joon,

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie “Hwai”

“Hwai” (2013)

Directed by Jang Joon-hwan

With Kim Yoon-seok, Yeo Jin-goo, Jo Jin-woong, Jang Hyeon-seong, Kim Seong-gyoon, Park Hae-joon,…

Filming dates 2012/12/10~2013/04/25
A boy named Hwai has 5 criminal fathers.
Seok-tae, a cold but charismatic leader, Ki-tae, a stammering driver specialist, Jin-seong, an ideal planner, Beom-soo, a guns specialist and Dong-beom a cold actionist.
Hwai has been brought up in a unique way, learning skills from his 5 fathers instead of going to school but has adapted to life, not knowing his past.

However, Seok-tae who wanted Hwai to be as strong as his fathers, brings him to a crime scene one day…
After the day a gunshot is fired…
Hwai faces the hidden truth and everything around him begins to change!

Release date in Korea : 2013/10


Yang Hyun Suk reveals his expectations for upcoming male idol group
YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk attended the showcase premiere for the new survival program, ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’ at the Conrad Hotel Grand Ballroom in Seoul on August 20 and talked about future plans regarding the debut of a new group.On his expectations for the new idol group, Yang Hyun Suk stated, “YG has changed a lot since Big Bang’s debut eight years ago. Now the new group who will debut will carry on the responsibility of YG Entertainment for the next 8 years.”Yang Hyun Suk also revealed that he dreams of even bigger things for Winner, as he mentioned that the survival program will air not only in Korea but in many other countries as well...
Kara's "Runaway" MV Gives Preview of the Group's Upcoming Drama "Secret Love"
It’s almost here! Girl group Kara will be returning to Korea’s music stage September 2 with their fourth full-length album, but today, they have unveiled a track from their upcoming album, titled “Runaway.” “Runaway” is composed by Shim Eun Ji, who works under JYP Entertainment. She has composed songs for Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, and 15&, as well as non-JYP artists like f(x) and Infinite. Her specialty is in medium- tempo or ballad tracks, and she is bringing her expertise to Kara’s new album, allowing the girls to showcase their musical maturity...
"Expect Dating" Releases Stills of BoA and Im Siwan's Cute First Encounter
What will BoA and Im Siwan‘s first encounter in their upcoming drama be like? Stills of BoA and Im Siwan’s first scene together in “Expect Dating” have been released. In the drama, BoA plays Joo Yeon Ae, an unpredictable dating “heo dang” (a person who has a lot of shortcomings) and Im Siwan plays Jung Jin Gook, a cute dating beginner. The two meet in a subway station and the stills show a slightly tense yet curious atmosphere between the actors. It is reported that since Im Siwan debuted as an actor before BoA, she jokingly called him “sunbae-nim,” (senior) while Siwan called her “hoobae-nim” (junior) throughout the filming...
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