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INFINITE’s Sungyeol Likes SNSD’s Taeyeon!

Sungyeol chose Taeyeon over Jo Yeojong.During the August 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM ‘Two O’ Clock Cultwo Show,’ member of boy group INFINITE surprising revenge was aired

INFINITE's Sungyeol Likes SNSD's Taeyeon!
Sungyeol chose Taeyeon over Jo Yeojong.

During the August 16th broadcast of SBS Power FM ‘Two O’ Clock Cultwo Show,’ member of boy group INFINITE surprising revenge was aired. One of the guest, Jo Yeojeong, was asked if who she preferred between Oh Jonghyeok and INFINITE’s Sungyeol, she said ‘Oh Jonghyeok’ and explained that she thinks of Sungyeol as her little brother to which Sungyeol replied through phone “This is disappointing.”
Ryu Dam then revealed “Why are you disappointed? You like Taeyeon right?”. Sungyeol then was asked to choose between Jo Yeojeong and Taeyeon to which he chose Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon, making people burst into laughter because of his revenge.

Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net

Jo Yeo Jeong Picks Oh Jong Hyuk Over Infinite's Sungyeol
On the recent episode of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show,” which was aired on August 16, actress Jo Yeo Jeong revealed her thoughts on Oh Jong Hyuk and Infinite‘s Sungyeol. Jo Yeo Jeong has recently visited the Caribbean with Oh Jong Hyuk and Sungyeol for SBS’ “Rules of the Jungle.” She stated, “Sungyeol is innocent and adorable, while Oh Jong Hyuk is a manly man.” Oh Jong Hyuk captured in his Marine uniform When the MCs asked her if she likes “manly men,” she answered, “I do...
Nam Bo-ra reveals she likes helping parents
Actress Nam Bo-ra of the MBC drama "The Sun and the Moon" has said that it is not embarrassing to help out parents when they need a helpful hand on a radio program yesterday. Contrary to some of the adolescents who may try to avoid helping parents in their everyday lives, the second-oldest daughter of a family with 13 children said she used to help out her mom at her restaurant during vacations when she was in college. "I still sometimes help them carry dishes", she said. "It is not something to be ashamed of"...
Daniel Henney picks SNSD as his favourite girl-group & Jessica as his favourite member (OMG SICA HE LIKES YOU BACK)
- JESSICA JUNG APPROVED THIS MESSAGE - During a press conference for his new movie, “The Spy“, man-among-men Daniel Henney chose Girls’ Generation as a girl group that he liked. He went on to say that out of the Girls’ Generation members, he liked Jessica the most, his exact words being “Out of the Girls’ Generation members, I like Jessica. She’s very cute. I’ve met her a few times at events as well.“ When the reporter mentioned that at the end of last year, Jessica chose Daniel Henney as her ideal guy, he replied that he knew and was thankful...
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