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K-Pop Group History’s Comeback Concept, “Sexy and Cute”

History K-Pop Group History’s Comeback Concept “Sexy and Cute” Five-member group History is transforming from gentle to sexy and cute


K-Pop Group History’s Comeback Concept, “Sexy and Cute” K-Pop Group History’s Comeback Concept “Sexy and Cute”

Five-member group History is transforming from gentle to sexy and cute.

On August 19, K-pop group held their first debut mini album showcase for Just Now at the Lotte Card Art Center in Seoul, and have resumed their comeback activities.

Regarding their comeback, History said, “At our debut, we had the image of gentle song and dance, but this time we have transformed into sexy and cute men.” They even revealed that they want to follow in the footsteps of the cute girl group “Crayon Pop.”

History’s new title song “Tell Me Love” was co-composed by V.O.S member Cho Hyun Joon and Lim Kwang Wook, who helped produce SHINee and EXO’s albums. Hip hop group Eluphant’s Kebee also participated in the song lyric writing. “Tell Me Love” has an addicting melody, a chic and trendy sound, and sensuous song lyrics.

History revealed that their goal for this year is to receive the rookie of the year award, and also said, “We want to have our own solo concert, too. We want to become a group that has a long music career like Shinhwa.”

Besides “Tell Me Love,” the new mini album also features “Blind,” which is about the blindness that comes with deep love and “Why Not,” which is about the moment when you share your first kiss with the person you love, and features a total of 4 songs.

Just Now was released on August 20 via Melon,, Bugs, Soribada, and Ole Music online music sites.

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