Friday, 8 November 2013

Trouble Maker vs. Miss A - Who's Sexier?

Trouble Maker and Miss A have come back onto the music scene with their unique brands of sexy.

Trouble Maker made the headlines first when their single "Now" and its corresponding music video was released in the last week of October. 4Minute HyunA and BEAST Hyunseung created a scandalous and explosive combination that sold a brand of sexy that was previously unseen in the music industry. Their brand of sexy was not just sexy, but it was lustful.

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CUBE Entertainment promised a new kind of sexy prior to the release of the mini-album, and it's safe to say that Trouble Maker delivered. The impact of their performance will not be easy forgotten.

Miss A came back early November with their 2nd album, Hush. Miss A's brand of sexy is not so titillating as Trouble Maker, but it does give an aura of sexiness that is both dangerous and mysterious. If Trouble Maker stepped over the line between moderate and scandalous, Miss A is barely keeping a balance between the two. Miss A's brand of sexy is dreamy, chic, and dynamic.

The two groups are inevitably facing off on the online music charts. The charts were all over the place because of various releases ranging from comeback stars to TV drama OSTs to Infinite Challenge concert songs, but when all the dust settled, it was a duel between Trouble Maker and Miss A for the top spot.

It all depends on the reception of the audience.

Trouble Maker consists of a male and a female performer. Because of this advantage, they can perform things that were previously unseen. There has never been a mixed-sex idol group that would rub bodies and flagrantly sell sex before, and honestly, there may never be another. Idol stars acting out a sex scene in their music video is unheard of, but it seems like it will never be heard of again. They perform in ways that are sexy and induce lust.

Some fans have expressed concern, saying, "I can't watch their performance with my parents" and "It's too sexy". They may be sexy beyond any other idol groups or singers out there, but perhaps that was taking it too far.

Adversely, Miss A has comeback with a more common type of sexy found in girl idol groups - the slight exposure, the hip sway, and their sexy makeup all have been seen and have been done. The thing that sets them apart may be their charisma and experience. Korean people like to say that someone who commands attention has a 'force' of attraction. That's what Miss A has - they have the 'force' of attraction that differentiates them from the hundreds of different idol stars.

In other words, Trouble Maker may tantalize their viewers, but Miss A appeals to the viewers.

"Sexy" is a hard word to couple with ultimate, unchangeable standards or criteria. When idol stars perform "sexy" on stage, it is for the purpose of both tantalizing and appealing. Therefore, the comparison between Miss A and Trouble Maker are often subjective when done by the critics because they have a tendency to pick what they like and want. In a case like this, it is best to allow the fans and the viewers decide on their own. The victor will be made clear in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Miss A has been garnering positive responses for their single and their music video. Many fans wonder if the "sexy" that was used for the music video can be translated unto a live stage.

Photo credit: CUBE Entertainment, JYP Entertainment

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