Thursday, 7 November 2013

Primary Speaks His Frustration on the Plagiarism Controversy, "It' Was Purely Accidental"

Primary has addressed the issue for the final time - "The song was not plagiarized, and the 'original' songwriter has stated as much. I hope this ends all controversy."

Primary's song, "I Got C", was his duet with comedian Park Myung Soo on MBC's "Infinite Challenge" for their annual concert. The song was accused of being very similar to Caro Emerald's "Liquid Lunch". However, Caro Emerald, when approached with this issue, said she had no issue with Primary or his song, stating that the songs were not similar.

Primary's management company, Amoeba Culture, has issued a statement saying, "The most pressing issue was whether Caro Emerald thought it was a plagiarism of her song. She has stated that Primary hasn't plagiarized her, so let's not address this issue any further."

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They added, " 'I got C' and 'Liquid Lunch' are two songs that are technically very different, but may sound similar because they are both an unusual fusion genre of Swing and Retro Hip-hop. Perhaps this was the cause of the accusation."

Primary has been gaining mainstream popularity since his appearance on "Infinite Challenge". The attention may have been one of the impetuses for such accusations as well.

Primary and Park Myung Soo formed the "Leech" team (Geomary) , featuring Dynamic Duo's Gaeko, and performed "I Got C" on stage and have since topped online charts as the #1 hit from the concert.

The accusations came from the netizens who stated that Primary stole the melody from Caro Emerald's "Liquid Lunch".

Photo credit: Infinite Challenge Music Festival

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