Monday, 11 November 2013

Trouble Maker Takes Home Win After Win With "Now"

Trouble Maker (Hyuna of 4minute and Hyun-seung of Beast) swept clean all TV music programs in the first week of November, with their new song “Now” as the sweeper.

Starting with Show Champion on November 6, they won M! Countdown, Music Bank, Show! Music Core, and Inkigayo. They were pushed down from the top place on music charts by the popularity of the Infinite Challenge Music Festival’s works, but they’re still selling well.

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To say that the song is doing well would be the ultimate understatement. It's becoming quite the national anthem so far as the song is being played in every club, every street corner, every mall known in Seoul. The popularity of the duo comes from both their song and their naturally sexy charms. They sell records and hits because their fans think that they work well together.

This is proven by the number of fans commenting on their effortless chemistry and the kind of music that they form together. Because of this kind of popularity, duos are becoming quite a trend in the Kpop music industry. Trouble Maker got it right when they were paired together, and hopefully they'll be seen in more promotions together after this one.

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