Saturday, 2 November 2013

'Love For Ten' Infinite Sungyeol, "Injured While Carrying 4minute Nam Jihyun On His Back"

Idol group Infinite's member Sungyeol stated that he fell while carrying Nam Jihyun on his back because weak leg, arousing laughter.

During the press conference held today for the mobile drama "Love for Ten," Sungyeol came and said, "I think the bottom half of my body is weak. I fell while carrying Nam Jihyun on my back."

He said, "Our first scene was carrying her on my back and running. But I lost strength all of a sudden and fell on the ground. I have nothing to say about it."

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He continued, "Because of that, I've been working out. I feel confident that if a scene like that comes up again, I'll do it well," arousing laughter.

But Nam Jihyun said, "He may have a weak body but it was also because I'm heavy."

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