Friday, 8 November 2013

'Tis the Season for Concerts - Choose Your Pick

K-pop stars get busy preparing their concerts every December. From big-name superstars to underground indie bands, a countless number of concerts await the fans. A concert adviser commented that some 40% of all concerts held in a year is scheduled for December.

A CJ E&M music business adviser commented, "December has a lot of memorable holidays, including Christmas and New Year's Eve. Not only do stars want to be remembered on those holidays but many of them relish wrapping up the year doing what they love - performing music. The second most amount of concerts is held in May, which celebrates the family and is ripe for event-type concerts."

There is no shortage of concerts prepared this year around. These tickets will sell out soon, so if you're planning on visiting Korea or are in Korea, make sure you get these tickets as soon as they are available.

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The veteran musicians have announced their concert plans much to the delight of their fans. The two biggest names in this category are PSY and Jo Yong Pil.

PSY is heralded as a "world star", but he announced on his twitter that the "world star" lifestyle is not to his liking. He tweeted, "I used to perform over 15 songs on average on any stage, but I've lasted this whole year with just 2 songs! I need to let loose with you guys, so let's go crazy for one night!" Before his explosion onto the international music scene, PSY was referred to as the "master of concerts". Although he forwent his annual New Year's Eve concert last year because of Gangnam Style's fame, he has repeatedly expressed his desire to perform back in his "home field".

Jo Yong Pil, commonly referred to as the "Godfather" of Korean music, released his 19th album "Hello" this year and had unmatched success. He will be having his encore concert to wrap up his 2013 music activity and hopefully return sooner than later with a new album.

Other veteran singers such as Lee Seung Hwan and Park Jin Young will also hold December concerts. Lee Seung Hwan is looking forward to his 25th anniversary of his music career in 2014 and has announced that he will have a retro-concert that will showcase most of his hit songs that spanned nearly three decades. Park Jin Young will hold his trademarked and wildly popular "NC-19" concert in December.

Lee Juk and Brown Eyed Soul are other veteran singers preparing for concerts in December. Rose Motel, who garnered some popularity after their appearance on Infinite Challenge, are also planning for a concert of their own.

Some stars are deciding to take the stage together to provide their fans with a very different experience. Korea's premier band Yoon Do Hyun Band (also known as YB) is performing with starlet diva Park Jung Hyun. This event was put together by an event company who were excited about the prospect of putting a pure R&B singer like Park Jung Hyun with the pop rock sound of YB. One event manager explained, "Their synergy is amazing, and no one is going to regret coming to this one."

Gummy and Wheesung, who are good friends and ex-lovers, will be repeating their 2005 Duet Concert this December.

SM's hottest stars are coming together for an SM concert that will be spread over 9 days. SHINee will perform on the 21st, and Girls' Generation will take the next day, the 22nd. f(x) and EXO will perform together for the the 24th and the 25th, followed by TVXQ who will perform on the 26th and the 27th. Super Junior will wrap it up with back to back concerts for the 28th and the 29th. SM will sell the tickets in two formats - "ALL TICKET", which grants access to all the concerts, and the "Choice Ticket", which grants access to four of the eight concerts.

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