Friday, 20 September 2013

[Recap] The 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships Part 2

Yesterday we brought you the first part of our the 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships recap. We saw gold medals being awarded for several events including the 100m sprint, the 200m power walking female relay and the team male archery events. Today we will see the conclusion to the male futsal event, female team archery event and the rest of the athletics field events.


Just in case you’re unaware, there were over 160 idol teams participating in the event ranging from names such as EXOBEASTA Pink, Infinite and ZE:A. Entertainer Kim Jae Dong and Jun Hyun Moo were the main MCs while comedian Lee Byung Jin and announcer Huh Il Ho were responsible for calling the new futsal event. Meanwhile BEAST’s Lee Ki KwangDefconn and comedian Maeng Seung Ji were responsible for on-the-ground reporting. 

With all that said lets head back to the action at the Goyang Stadium.

Actually before we begin, a clarification. We reported yesterday that Min Hyuk got a new 100m sprint record however the staff have now clarified that Jo Kwon still holds the 100m sprint record with 12.1 secs. The staff apologises for their mistake.

First Up: More Futsal Action

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