Saturday, 28 September 2013

Fansites Of INFINITE’s L Shut Down In Response To Dating Scandal

How… disappointing.

Netizens have been on a roll, taking over the rumors of INFINITE‘s L dating ulzzang Kim Do Yeon.

L dating Ulzzang 20

To make matters worse, a number of his fan sites have decided to shut down as a result.

In Master of Affection‘s last message, they stated:

Taking a small break as we’ve dashed forward only looking ahead. Myungsoo, you said you wanted to be a shining light. Didn’t your fans go deeper into the darkness in order to make you shine? Then you should’ve protected yourself more preciously.

Another site, named Focus L, criticized the idol as well:

It only takes a fleeting moment for a star in the sky to become a falling star. Search once more to discover what kind of life you lead.

These two aren’t the only ones; L’s Wings, Made in L, High L, PS Lovely, and Runaway have chosen the hiatus route as a response to this scandal.

Many fans have defended the sites, saying that their shutdown decisions were made because of his past interactions with fans: he’s been known for tweeting promises that his only relationship was with his fans. But in my opinion, this situation has really been taken too far.

Fans should not judge an idol just because they’ve decided to have a private life. Whether or not this scandal is true, I believe that he should just be left alone. If he wants to date, then let him date. Don’t relinquish your support just because he wanted to have a relationship with someone other than his fans.

SOURCE: inagist

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