Thursday, 19 September 2013

[Recap] The 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships Part 1

Today is finally the day. It’s one of the biggest idol events on the calendar. Yes the Chuseok holiday is when the biannual Idol Athletics Championships finally goes on air to thousands and thousands of eager viewers just waiting to see how their favorite idols performed during this major event.

This time they have added a new competition in the form of “futsal.” For people that don’t know, futsal is soccer/football that is played indoors with teams of five players. The field is much smaller than an outdoor regulation field and so are the goals. The ball is also very different in that it is a lot smaller than a regular football and it also doesn’t bounce as much. The result of this is a much faster pace football game that is sure to highlight all your fancy footwork. 


There were over 160 idol teams participating in the event ranging from names such as EXOBEASTA Pink, Infinite and ZE:A. Entertainer Kim Jae Dong and Jun Hyun Moo were the main MCs while comedian Lee Byung Jin and announcer Huh Il Ho were responsible for calling the new futsal event. Meanwhile BEAST’s Lee Ki KwangDefconn and comedian Maeng Seung Ji were responsible for on-the-ground reporting. 

Now enough introductions, lets get this event started.

NEXT: Bring in the athletes!

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