Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gong Hyo Jin Leaves Heartfelt Message and a Couple Photo of “Master’s Sun”

Ha! Gong Hyo Jin uploaded a picture on her me2today that is drawing a lot of laughs. On the picture uploaded September 6, Gong Hyo Jin and her “Master’s Sun” co-star So Ji Sub sit together side-by-side with matching deadpan expressions and dark circles under their eyes. It matches the theme of their drama in which Gong Hyo Jin is unable to sleep because she can see ghosts.

Gong Hyo Jin also left a message expressing her satisfaction with the drama she is currently filming. She wrote, “All the actors are filming with smiles. We are resting today along with our beloved staff with twenty days left until D-day. I am finally revealing a dark photo of Joo-goon and Tae-yang!

Gong Hyo Jin So Ji Sub

Gong Hyo Jin continued, “It can’t always be fun filming every project. But it is my good fortune that I was able to meet such a project this time. Following the director’s style, every member of the staff is giving their infinite affection into “Master’s Sun” as if it is the reason why they exist, and are also getting along like friends with frequent conversation and jokes.”

The message of love went on. “The 60-70 people of the “Master’s Sun” team all feel it- “We don’t want to separate yet.” The Hong Sisters are staying up nights in their room and the director and staff are building the house. The actors are inside the house using these things as weapons fighting with art and sleep. On the promised day, we send out the visualized drama outside through the door of the dream factory.”

Gong Hyo Jin concluded, “Please support us so we can complete [the drama] happily until the end.”

The “Master’s Sun” has six episodes left. It last aired episode 10 this past Thursday. Check out Soompi’s recap of the drama and don’t forget to tune it every Wednesday and Thursday for our live recaps and discussion!

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