Monday, 21 October 2013

Primary Admits to Accumulated Stress from Working with Park Myung Soo

Singer and producer Primary has previously teamed up with comedian Park Myung Soo to produce a song together on the MBC TV show, "InfiniteChallenge."

October 21, singer Park Ji Yoon held a showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, Korea in the celebration of her new single album "Mr." Yoon Jong Shin and Primary attended the event.

Regarding the collaborative work with Park Ji Yoon, Primary stated, "Working with Park Ji Yoon just flew by without getting almost no stress at all."

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When Primary was asked about his participation in the MBC variety TV show "Infinite Challenge", he stated, "I am aware that the song is going to be revealed this Saturday. I was under huge amounts of stress working with Park Myung Soo."

Yoon Jong Shin commented, "We were in the waiting room for 30 minutes and he was talking trash about Park Myung Soo for about 28 minutes of it. He said Park Myung Soo is a producer who tortures you."

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