Thursday, 31 October 2013

G-Dragon Showcases Loyalty to Jung Hyung Don on ‘Weekly Idol’

Big Bang's G-Dragon chose to appear on "Weekly Idol" out of loyalty to Jung Hyung Don.

According to "Weekly Idol" on October 30th, "G-Dragon is confirmed to appear on 'Weekly Idol.' Previously the two showed off a great harmony on MBC's entertainment program 'Infinite Challenge' Music Festival."

G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don were a team on "Infinite Challenge," and showcased a great chemistry whenever they appeared together. It seems as if they'll be getting together one more time on "Weekly Idol."

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Netizens commented, "Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon get along so well," "I wish G-Dragon would appear on 'Weekly Idol,' since Jung Hyung Don hosts it," and overall requested that G-Dragon appear as a guest on the show.

Likewise Jung Hyung Don shared his acquaintance with G-Dragon on "Weekly Idol," and even requested, "Appear on the show just once." In response to the fans and his dynamic duo partner, G-Dragon will actually be appearing as a guest.

There's much anticipation as to what kind of chemistry the two will exhibit on this broadcast, which is scheduled to air sometime in November.

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