Wednesday, 10 July 2013

INFINITE’s ‘Destiny’ tracklist revealed + more album details

INFINITE has released the track list for its upcoming single album, Destiny.

After beginning to tease the group’s comeback with a music video teaser and continuing with individual photo teasers, the track list for the new release was revealed on its official website.

The single album consists of a total of 4 tracks, as stated below:

1. Destiny
2. Inception
3. 너에게 간다 (I’m Going To You)
4. 엄마 (Mother)

The physical album will be released with two different covers, and a poster (one of two designs). It also comes with a random member photocard.

The album will hit the shelves on July 16, along with the release of the much anticipated ‘blockbuster’ music video for Destiny.

Source: INFINITE Official Website (

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